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Completing a project with City of Sanctuary in Sheffield

Members of the project team at Cambridge Street Collective and Elshaw House along with Total Reclaims Demolition and Ceiling and Partitions Limited have been busy volunteering to complete some renovations at the nearby Sanctuary building.

We put new walls up for the charity to create separate rooms within the space

We took down two walls near the windows to introduce more light and space into the area and also put new walls up to create rooms in the space, it is now prepared for Sanctuary to get in and decorate.

City of Sanctuary Sheffield is an independent charity working with people who are seeking sanctuary. They offer a safe and enjoyable environment for refugees and asylum seekers and aim to make them feel included, connected and supported.

Henry Boot and their partners have been very helpful during the redesign of The Sanctuary, our welcome centre for people seeking sanctuary. They provided lots of building work pro bono as well as supporting us with expert advice and guidance in the initial stages of the process.

Tom Martin, Director, City of Sanctuary Sheffield