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  • Responsible Business

    Responsibility and integrity at our core.

We understand that being a responsible business is key to our success and provides long-lasting value for our stakeholders.

In 2021, we launched Phase 1 of our Responsible Business Strategy – called ‘135 Henry Boot’. This enabled us to demonstrate our commitment to being a responsible business and launch three important strategic initiatives: a Community Partnership Plan (CPP), an Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI) Strategy, and a Net Zero Carbon (NZC) Framework.

All of this put us in a strong position to develop and deliver Phase 2 of our Responsible Business Strategy in 2022. Phase 2 sets ambitious objectives and targets for the medium term, ensuring we maintain our bold and determined approach to achieving significant environmental and social value through our work.We look forward with confidence to generating even more meaningful and long-term value for our people, places, planet and partners in the years ahead.

We drive our operations in the following key areas, ensuring good governance and business ethics, strong communications and leadership:

Governance and business ethics

We work hard to ensure good governance, ethics, leadership and communications run through all our business operations, ensuring our continued success. A culture of trust, transparency and pride drives us to be the best in our industry and maintain best practice in all we do. Through implementation of our corporate policies and commitment to training, we ensure full regulatory compliance that drives the highest standards.

Strong communications and leadership

Through good communication and leadership, we share our expertise with clients, sub-contractors and others and promote sustainability within the industry. We strongly believe in sharing our success and thanking our employees for their valuable contributions.

Creating value for our stakeholders

By running our business sustainably, we can create value and efficiency so everyone we work with can share the benefits. Through consultation and feedback, we are responsive to the needs of our stakeholders, bringing long-lasting value. By working cost-effectively and using the latest techniques, we guide our clients on sustainable design and technology that reduces running costs and enhances the end-user experience.

We set annual targets across our business. By exceeding these annual targets, we deliver sustainable value for our stakeholders.

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Sustainability is at the core of our business. We’re dedicated to protecting and preserving our planet by reducing our environmental impacts, consuming resources wisely and safeguarding our operations and people.


We are keen to set the highest sustainable standards. Our objective is to achieve net zero carbon for all of our directly controlled greenhouse gas emissions by 2030.

People & Communities

We develop an inclusive culture to ensure our people and our communities continue to thrive.