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  • People & Communities

    Looking after our people and providing value in the local area.

This area of our Sustainable Business Plan 2016 to 2020 focuses on ensuring we look after and develop our people and communities through exceptional health, safety and wellbeing practices, career development opportunities and delivering lasting value in our local communities.

Our annual People & Communities targets are set out in the following areas:

Promoting health, safety and wellbeing

Health and safety is of paramount importance and we have a culture of ‘safety first’ amongst all our staff and sub-contractors. We strive for continuous improvement to eliminate any incidents and ensure our sites are safe places to work. In 2017, our ‘Zero Harm’ campaign helped us to achieve our best Health and Safety record and mock emergency incidents regularly test our robust processes and procedures.

We are one of the industry leaders in construction safety and regularly receive top awards from RoSPA, CIOB and other top professional bodies. All our activities are guided by our Management Policy Statement and our OHSAS accredited management system.

Our people

Our people are at the heart of our business, and our family values ensure they stay and grow with us. By investing in their learning and career development, we retain the best teams of experts to deliver our projects to exceptional standards. All our people have Personal Development Reviews to ensure career development and effective succession planning.

Our inclusive culture is built around our core values and ensures employees can thrive and fulfil their potential.

We value the equality and diversity of our workforce and are committed to ensuring all our employees and other stakeholders are treated fairly and equitably. We fully consider the diverse needs of all employees and are fully compliant with all current legislation; where necessary appropriate arrangements are made for the continued employment and development of disabled persons.

Developing sustainable communities

We always strive to be considerate neighbours. As Considerate Constructors Scheme Partners, we register all our sites with the scheme. Through great communication, we work around our client’s needs by ensuring noise and other disruptions are kept to a minimum. By managing risk, we also ensure the safety of the communities close to where we work.

We believe in providing lasting value to local communities and are committed to creating a lasting employment and skills legacy to boost our industry. All our projects have Community Engagement Plans which benefit the local area by:

  • Providing new jobs and training placements
  • Boosting the local economy through our policy of buying locally
  • Delivering high quality, durable facilities

Key targets for 2019

Health, safety and wellbeing

Continue to actively maintain our Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) record.

Our people

All our employees will have their own Personal Development Review each year to ensure career fulfilment for individuals and effective succession planning for the company.

Sustainable communities

We will ensure at least 60% of our project spend is within the local areas and communities where we work.

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Our Sustainable Business Plan 2016 to 2020 ensures we drive change across our business, the environment, our people and local communities.

Responsible Business

We work hard to ensure good governance, ethics, leadership and communications run through all our business operations, ensuring our continued success.


We aim to help and inform our clients to achieve the best possible environmental outcomes for their projects.