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Responsible Business

We believe in running our company in a responsible way, taking into account the needs and expectations of our stakeholders while we do 'good business'. Our Sustainable Business Strategy relates to the way we run the company. Its overarching nature means it cross-links to our other main strategy headings of People & Communities and Environment.

In developing our strategy we have thought carefully about who our important stakeholders are, what their needs and expectations are and how we can best meet them responsibly and effectively. This has led to the creation of our three Responsible Business themes:

Communication & Leadership: making sure we have effective channels of communication and feedback for all, and that we play an active role in developing and promoting good practice and sustainability in our industry.

Value for stakeholders: using the sustainability ethos to drive value creation and efficiency so everyone benefits.

Governance & Ethics: running our company to the highest levels of efficiency and integrity.

See below for detail on our commitments and good practice within each theme.