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This part of our Sustainable Business Strategy is concerned with how we look after and develop people and communities, both internally and externally.

Starting close to home, we recognise our excellent people are our greatest asset, and it is paramount that we look after their health, safety and wellbeing whilst investing in their learning and career development.

We also have an important duty to safeguard the general public and the communities in which we work from construction site dangers, as well as being a considerate neighbour.

Working in specific localities gives us a special chance to contribute to the sustainability of an area by making opportunities available, such as training schemes, jobs and local purchasing of goods and services. Finally, we take pride in supporting our people to help put something back into the wider area by participating in community and charitable projects.

We have identified three People and Communities themes within our Sustainable Business Strategy, within which we organise our good practice and services, commitments, and performance management. Click through below to find out more.