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Sustainable Business Strategy

We believe that sustainability is fundamental to the success of our business and the quality of the services we provide. We take active steps to integrate sustainable ways of working into every aspect of our operations, paying close attention to our impacts on people and the environment, while we manage a robust and responsible business.

Sustainability has long been an important aspect of our work at Henry Boot Construction, and we are proud of our track record in guiding and enabling our clients to achieve the most innovative and sustainable outcomes for their projects. We hold a full set of relevant accreditations and policies across different aspects of sustainability in our business and we are proud to have won many industry awards for our achievements.

Our Sustainable Business Strategy is designed to help us focus ever more keenly on what matters and where we can make a difference: for our customers, our staff, local communities, people in our supply chain, our investors and partners, and for the environment. It forms an integral part of our business strategy, and is instrumental in driving innovation and quality. It is supported by a robust delivery plan, with progress managed by our Sustainable Business Taskforce.

Our nine sustainable business themes, set out under three main headings, are those we believe are important to the way we run our business, now and for the future. We’ve created the Henry Boot Sustainable Business Framework to remind everyone in our business where our values lie. Click through the headings (left) for information on our three strategy headings, our nine sustainable business themes and the Headline Indicators and Commitments we have signed up to against each theme.