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‘Learn About’ sessions a huge success – 07/06/2018

Learn About - Banner PlantLearn About - ConstructionBradley at the Skills VillageLearn About - Construction

Over the past few weeks, the Group have been holding “Learn About” sessions, open to all employees. The purpose of this idea was to give a better understanding of how different subsidiaries operate, and how they all work in unison to ensure continuoued success for the company.

There were four dates for each subsidiary: Henry Boot Construction Limited, Henry Boot Developments Limited, Hallam Land Management Limited and Banner Plant Limited. Entertaining and informative presentations were delivered by each Managing Director, long with some hands-on activities.

The Banner Plant session on 9 May included a tour around the depot at Dronfield, as well as a ride in an 80ft boom.

During the Construction session on 23 May, employees were shown around the “Better Barnsley” site, and given a lesson in bricklaying, which everyone thoroughly enjoyed.

“During the ‘Learn About Construction’ session, it was great to find out about the history of the company and all of the future projects in the pipeline.  I found the tour of the ‘Better Barnsley’ site a real eye opener and very informative. Ultimately, I learnt the most from laying bricks in the Skills Village, where I learnt that it is a lot harder than it initially seems.”

Laura Sims, Assistant Administrator, Henry Boot PLC

Due to the success of these events, there are initial plans to schedule further dates in the future. These will be a great way to check on the progress of each subsidiary, and again will give all employees the chance to attend.

“It was fascinating to hear about the various methods Hallam Land use to secure opportunities, and how they go about adding value before selling it.”

Nigel Moran, Project Buyer, Henry Boot Construction

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