News - July 2018

Sheffield Girls High visit The Glass Works – 24/07/2018

Sheffield Girls High during their Library site visitSheffield Girls High at the Skills VillageSheffield Girls High during their Library site visit

Last week, Year 9 students visited The Glass Works, Barnsley to get an insight of construction.

Previously, Sixth Form students at Sheffield Girls High had also visited Henry Boot's Head Office at Banner Cross Hall for their Young Professionals Challenge.

The visit started with a presentation from Bradley Longford, Trainee Business & Marketing Assistant. Bradley explained the works on site together with the positive social value impact the project is having on the local community.

Following the presentation, the students were given a tour around the site which included the Library and the Skills Village.

“This event was excellent for the students at Sheffield Girls High to learn about Construction through theory and practical activities. Bradley and his team were very knowledgeable and we all learnt a lot from the event.”

Cathy Walker, Head of Sixth Form, Sheffield Girls High

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