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King Ecgbert School Career Panel – 16/02/2018

King Ecgberts Career PanelKing Ecgbert School Career Panel

Last week, Trainee Business and Marketing Assistant Bradley Longford visited King Ecgbert School in Sheffield as part of a Career Panel to educate Year 7 and Year 9 students about the world of work.

The panel was made up of five volunteers from different employment backgrounds. Students had prepared questions to ask the panel based on four topics: career journey and job role, motivation, growth sectors and entry-level routes into work. The event provided students with an insight about the range of career paths chosen by each professional.

Bradley said: “It was great to attend the career panel event to share my experience of education, as well as my route to employment and how this has developed my skills, especially speaking in front of an audience. The students were engaged throughout the event and have high ambitions and aspirations for the future.”

"Henry Boot Construction visited King Ecgbert School as part of a Careers Panel activity and spoke front of two whole year groups. Bradley was able to relate easily to students and demonstrate the clear link between studying hard, even when things might be difficult, and reaping the rewards by putting oneself into a positive position when applying for both training courses and employment."

Paul Fennell, Careers Manager, King Ecgberts School

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