2017 - May 2017

Henry Boot Construction at the Olympic Legacy Park: A blog by Senior Engineer, Chris Mann 18/05/17

Olympic Legacy Park progressChris Mann, Senior EngineerOlympic Legacy Park progress

At the end of last year, Henry Boot Construction began work on the Olympic Legacy Park Infrastructure and Landscaping Scheme, with the project programmed to complete this summer.

The team and I have been working on several different areas, including the new utilities infrastructure, bulk earthworks and sculpted earth mounds and new surface drainage systems integrating underground water storage beneath rain gardens. We have also been in charge progressing the synthetic rugby pitch, stone clad retaining walls, a boulevard and car parking with permeable paving.

Works commenced with the construction of the main drainage tying into the Kirkbridge Dyke, an underground river that runs through a large channel beneath the site and eventually into the River Don. The new drainage incorporates the water storage systems that will eventually be beneath the rain gardens. These consist of a series of crates fixed together and wrapped in a permeable membrane and surrounded in gravel.

If you've driven past the English Institute of Sport recently you may have noticed that the footbridge from Flame Hill to the Don Valley Bowl over Coleridge Road has now been removed. This took us five days, initially cutting away the walkway and reducing the weight of the sections to enable a crame to remove the bridge structure in one day.

A ramp is to be constructed adjacent to the Oasis Academy, meaning a retaining wall has had to be built bordering the school fence. This has involved installing sheet piling to a depth of six metres to form a rectangular cofferdam. This was then excavated in stages, installing bracing as we went to support the surrounding ground. Once the base of the wall was constructed we could remove the bottom bracing as it was being held by the concrete.

Our team were also responsible for the construction of the new synthetic rugby pitch. This was trimmed down to formation level - the level at which excavation ceases and construction starts. The pitch construction team arrived on site and commenced installing the sub pitch drainage. This then had a permeable membrane laid over the full area and a stone layer laid over the top of this prior to the finishing touches.

We have also began the main muck shift and commenced construction of the parking areas and footpaths. This will also start appearing out of the ground soon, and although there is still work to be done you'll start to see the site really taking shape very soon.

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