2017 - June 2017

Work Experience for student Oliver at the Advanced Manufacturing Park 2 16/06/17

Oliver Ward

Oliver Ward from Silverdale School recently spent time at the Advanced Manufacturing Park 2 site whilst undertaking work experience with Henry Boot Construction. Oliver who is currently in his first year at Silverdale Sixth Form and is interested in quantity surveying, spent two days onsite shadowing Senior Quantity Surveyor, Ben Pearson.

Work experience on site gave Oliver valuable onsite experience and knowledge of the daily processes involved in quantity surveying on a live project.

Oliver said, "I just want to say thank you very much to Ben and Henry Boot Construction for a great opportunity to experience quantity surveying in more detail. The two days I spent with Henry Boot Construction were very beneficial and gave me much more insight into the role a quantity surveyor plays daily on site.

"The work experience with Henry Boot Construction has been very helpful and I am now focusing on completing my A levels and considering the ways I can enter into the construction industry."

For more information, contact:

Karen Fisher, Business Development Manager