2017 - June 2017

Better Barnsley site team provide Internship for Barnsley College student Joe 28/06/17

Barnsley CollegeJoe Kirk

Earlier this year, Henry Boot Construction welcomed sponsored intern, Joe Kirk to the Better Barnsley team. Joe is carrying out a receptionist role throughout his internship at The Civic office. Following initial meetings with Barnsley College, Joe was introduced to the team earlier this year.

Joe started his internship together with his job coach, but after a few short weeks, the coach was no longer needed as Joe was more than able to carry out his administrative duties on his own, settling in well with the Henry Boot team at The Civic office.

Joe had previously been on the employability course at Barnsley College whilst looking for a job. The course aims to support people to gain the skills, knowledge and understanding needed to succeed in a range of industry sectors.

"We are very pleased with Joe's progress, so much so that we have offered him an admin position for the duration of the Better Barnsley project. By giving Joe this opportunity, his confidence and skill level will increase. He should be very proud of his achievement we welcome him to the Henry Boot family."

Adeana Raper, Employment & Skills Manager

For more information, contact:

Karen Fisher, Business Development Manager