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Henry Boot Construction donate materials to Voluntary Action Barnsley 03/02/17

Voluntary Action BarnsleyMilefield School FarmMilefield School FarmMilefield School Farm

Henry Boot Construction have made a donation to Voluntary Action Barnsley (VAB) to help build the Milefield School Farm project in Grimethorpe, Barnsley.

The site team at Stocksbridge donated surplus materials to the Voluntary Action Barnsley charity who put the materials to good use at Milefield School Farm, with them being used to build part of the farm's facilities.

Voluntary Action Barnsley has been providing support to the voluntary and community sector for over 20 years providing its members with a full range of services including start-up advice and volunteer recruitment.

This support has allowed Milefield School to create a working farm, home to chickens, rabbits, pigs, sheep, donkeys goats and guinea pigs. Through the farm the school wishes to improve pupils' understanding of where their food comes from, and encourage both parents and pupils to develop a healthier lifestyle.

"Voluntary Action Barnsley is very grateful to Henry Boot Construction for their kind donation of building materials to reuse in the local community. Some of these materials including block paving were recently donated to the new Milefield Community Farm in Grimethorpe where it will be used by the primary school and local community."

Martin Sugden, Business Liason Manager at Voluntary Action Barnsley

For more information, contact:

Karen Fisher, Business Development Manager