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Henry Boot leads the way on Made in Barnsley – 04/12/17

Made In BarnsleyMade In Barnsley

Student ambassadors from the Made in Barnsley Cutlers’ ‘Better Learners, Better Workers’ programme have visited the Skills Village several times to learn more about working in the construction sector.

Henry Boot Construction’s Adeana Raper is leading the Construction Strand, which is a two-year ambassador programme that begins in Year 9, with students receiving taster sessions in different sectors including construction, engineering/manufacturing and healthcare.

Students from Year 9, who are in their first year of the scheme, will be visiting the construction Skills Village to attend taster sessions.

In the second year of the programme, the Year 10 students spend skill sessions in their chosen sector. These students will be with us for a year gaining more insight into the world of construction. This includes four sector visits, plus other activities, such as Territorial Army Team-building Day. The Year 10s also receive visits from a Business Champion each half term, to assist and mentor for the skills required in the world of work. Adeana is the Business Champion for Horizon Community College.

On 13 November, Year 10 Made in Barnsley Ambassadors from Horizon Community College, Dearne ALC and Holy Trinity school visited the Skills Village. Eight ambassadors attended a workshop at The Civic, giving them the opportunity to receive an induction about the construction industry. Both Henry Boot and Barnsley staff were impressed by their maturity and teamwork skills during the event. Student Darcy was very pleased with the visit and said, "It's been so much fun! Can't we come back tomorrow?"

There are further visits planned for the end of this year and into 2018.

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Karen Fisher, Business Development Manager