2017 - December 2017

Health and Safety talk from industry expert at the Skills Village – 21/12/2017

Skills Village

Last week, Chemical and Biological Engineering students from Barnsley College had their first industry talk held at the Skills Village in Barnsley.

The talk was led by Group Health, Safety and Environmental Advisor Shaun Callaghan, who shared his knowledge with the students and tailored Health and Safety aspects to future job roles they were interested in. Shaun said, “It was a fantastic experience, with the added bonus of being able to give something back to the industry through these types of talks. The students were bright and inquisitive which made it good for discussion. Hopefully, they went away with more in-depth knowledge of health and safety to which they can apply to their future training and job roles”.

By the end of the session, students left with a better understanding of Health and Safety and its importance in the workplace, as well as the potential the consequences if procedures are not followed.

“The students were really pleased with the talk and liked the fact that Health and Safety was put into context for the roles they were interested in. This is one of the first industry talks they have received as part of the course and it is really beneficial for them to meet industry experts!”

Melissa Gallimore, Operations Manager, Northern Regeneration


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