2017 - August 2017

Employees take on the 10th Monopoly Challenge for the Mistress Cutler Challenge 2017 – 17/08/17

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Henry Boot Construction recently entered a team into the DLA Piper Monopoly Challenge, raising money for the Mistress Cutler Challenge 2017. The team, captained by Strategic Business Manager, Dave Woodhouse, raced against the 2-hour time limit to make as much monopoly money as possible and get back safely without facing the jail penalty.

Although the team did end up in jail, they managed to get back in time to celebrate the challenge and show support for the two chosen charities, The Children’s Hospital Charity and Cavendish Cancer Care.

The worthy winners of the challenge were announced as South Yorkshire Police, with one of DLA Pipers team coming in second place. The challenge is now in its tenth consecutive year and raises thousands of pounds each year for the Mistress Cutler’s chosen charities.  

“The event was great fun and the competitors we as keen as ever. Unfortunately even the best of us couldn’t avoid jail. More importantly the event raised nearly £5,000 for the Children’s Hospital Charity and the Cavendish Cancer Care. Congratulations to the organisers and all those who took part."

Robert Young, Senior Quantity Surveyor

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Karen Fisher, Business Development Manager