2017 - April 2017

Employees assist with Enterprise Advisor Scheme at Outwood Academy, Shafton 03/04/17

Outwood Academy ShaftonBetter Barnsley

Henry Boot Construction employees have recently been providing their knowledge and time to assist members of staff at Outwood Academy Shafton on the Enterprise Advisor Scheme.

The School Careers Advisor runs Careers Cafes on Tuesday afternoons during term time and has signposted careers in which Y11 pupils have shown an interest. To date there have been sessions on Apprenticeships, Quantity Surveying, Construction Site Management and IT/Computing.

Jayne Carr, Additional Leader in Deep Experience and Head of Vocational/Life Subjects for the Academy said, "What a great turn out for the apprenticeship presentation. Today several students have spoken to me about what was said and are already thinking about employers and how to go about receiving support. Thank you for your precious time and support for the worthwhile cause of our young people."

Further sessions have been organised with various speakers, including Sarah McHale of Barnsley Metropolitan Borough Council who receieved a great turn out for her presentation, careers within the council.

For more information, contact:

Karen Fisher, Business Development Manager