2016 - September 2016

Management Trainee begins 48 week placement at Barnsley – 15/09/16

Better BarnsleyRicki Osgothorpe begins placement in Barnsley

Ricki Osgothorpe has just begun a 48 week placement as a Management Trainee with Henry Boot Construction Limited. Ricky, from Elsecar, is 20 years old and currently studying a BSc(Hons) in Construction and Project Management at the University Campus Barnsley (situated adjacent to the Town Hall). The course covers various areas of Construction & the Built Environment, and therefore the placement is perfectly suited for Ricki.

Ricki has written about his first few days…

So far on my placement I have been introduced to everyone in the Head Office, become familiarised with the majority of software used at Henry Boot and been involved whenever it has been possible. I have attended various meetings to gain knowledge and understanding about the ongoing Better Barnsley project and the industry in general. I have been shown plans, designs and programmes. I understand the magnitude of the project and the impact and significance that lies in the scheme in terms of the substantially positive impact that it has and will continue (for many years) to have on Barnsley.

Rather than spend the entirety of my placement learning the trades of management, my Line Manager has deemed it a good idea to spend time every week with different members of the office team; such as the Quantity Surveyor, Project Planner and Site Manager.  So far, I have spent time with a few of these professionals, gaining valuable insight and understanding as to the roles and responsibilities each of these professionals has. It has been a valuable experience and I have learnt a lot in a short space of time.

For more information contact:

Karen Fisher
Business Development Manager