2016 - October 2016

Better Barnsley team visit Queens Road Academy in Barnsley

Better BarnsleyBetter Barnsley team visit Queens Road Academy in BarnsleyBetter Barnsley team visit Queens Road Academy in Barnsley

The Better Barnsley team visited Queens Road Academy in Barnsley on Tuesday 13 September 2016 as part of an educational project about the Barnsley redevelopment.

The Deputy Head of Queens Road Academy in Barnsley, Mrs Karan, contacted Barnsley Council about a project that the school’s pupils are working on, themed around town planning. Mrs Karen requested a visit to teach the Year 4 class of eight and nine year olds about the planned redevelopment in the town centre.

Sarah McHale from the Better Barnsley team gave a presentation to the children and explained about the planning and regeneration process and all the different roles involved in the delivery of the Better Barnsley project. Catherine Spooner, Communications Officer at Henry Boot Construction, explained our involvement as the contractor for phase 1 of the Better Barnsley scheme and talked about jobs available in the construction industry.

This was followed by a question and answer session, with the children considering places they would like to visit and what makes them special.

The visit gave the Better Barnsley team the opportunity to obtain feedback from the children and find out what they would like to see in the new town centre.

Queens Road Academy site visit

Following their recent visit to the Better Barnsley Shop, 19 children from Queens Road Academy took part in a site visit so that they could experience what it is like to work on a site and learn more about the process of designing and developing a building. The class was split into four teams, with Laurence Ross (Site Manager), Ricki Osgothorpe (Management Trainee) and Catherine Spooner each taking a team to a section of the Market Gate Car Park area to take measurements.

The students will be proposing to build a "Tropical World", which they hope will include aquariums, penguins, a white shark, piranhas and polar bears. The children looked at plans of the car park site and wrote down measurements so that they could work out the size of the building they are in the process of designing. The class will then go on to submit their proposals to the Barnsley Council chamber.

Bhavna Karen, Assistant Head Teacher at Queens Road Academy said “The children really enjoyed their visit to the CEAG car park and will find it very useful for their educational project about the Barnsley redevelopment, so big thank you to the Henry Boot Construction site team and Barnsley Council.”

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