2016 - November 2016

Supporting the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign – 23/11/16

Breathe Freely Supporter

Henry Boot Construction are delighted to announce we are supporting the BOHS Breathe Freely campaign.

The Breathe Freely campaign is a collaborative initiative which is led by BOHS in partnership with key organisations within the construction industry. It provides guidance, tools and resources which help recognise, evaluate and control workplace exposures, reducing the risk of construction workers contracting lung disease from their work and the use of hazardous substances.

The provision of a healthy working environment is one of our key objectives and we are therefore delighted to support the BOHS Breathe Freely national campaign. We are fully committed to supporting the campaigns aim of raising awareness of the causes of work-related ill health and disease, continuing to raise awareness and sharing best practice to collectively help improve wellbeing and reduce occupational lung disease within the construction industry.

“We are delighted to support the Breathe Freely campaign which aligns with our employee health and wellbeing objectives. We are committed to working with the BOHS to raise awareness of the issues faced by the construction industry. We applaud this initiative, by adopting this management standard, organisations throughout the industry can focus on reducing occupational lung conditions and embed the right culture amongst those affected by work-related health risks.”

Richard Grafton, Head of Policy & Compliance, Henry Boot Construction Limited

For more information about the Breathe Freely campaign, visit http://www.breathefreely.org.uk/.

For more information, contact:
Karen Fisher
, Business Development Manager