2016 - May 2016

Henry Boot Construction – BIM Champions – 13/05/16

Kevin Dight
Tom Gibbons
Phil Lambourne

Henry Boot Construction are pleased to announce that Project Planner Phil Lambourne and Tom Gibbons, Quantity Surveyor are taking up the challenge of being our BIM Champions from Kevin Dight who has decided to stand down after being our BIM Champions for several years.

Phil and Tom have a keen interest in BIM and have been an integral part of our BIM taskforce leading on the planning and cost control elements of the process.  Together, they have joint responsibility for maintaining the impetus as we enter the next phase of our BIM journey.

We thank Kevin for all the hard work that he has done within the company and externally to promote BIM and I am sure we would not have been in such a positive position without Kevin’s enthusiasm, leadership and driven approach.”

Tony Shaw, Operations Director, Henry Boot Construction

“I’m happy to build on Kevin’s good work and looking forward to delivering BIM Level 2 on the Better Barnsley project.”

Phil Lambourne, Project Planner, Henry Boot Construction

“I’m looking forward to being part of this revolutionary change and hoping to drive value commercially for the business.”

Tom Gibbons, Quantity Surveyor, Henry Boot Construction

For more information contact:
Steve Allen
Business Development Manager