2016 - June 2016

Henry Boot Construction visit Joseph Locke Primary school for TEKK Challenge – 03/06/16

Joseph Locke Primary SchoolHorizon Community CollegeJoseph Locke Students complete TEKK ChallengeAdeana Raper

Adeana Raper, Henry Boot’s Employment & Skills Manager, alongside staff and students from Horizon Community College, visited Joseph Locke Primary on Wednesday 11 May as part of the TEKK Challenge.

The TEKK Challenge involves groups of students working to discover their personality traits, which are then assigned to an animal category. The students need to work together to ensure their group includes a range of different ‘animals’, to teach them about the advantages of having a diverse group dynamic.

During Wednesday’s session, the students designed a company logo, name and colours, and presented their ideas to the group.

The final task will involve building a bridge, with the winner being the bridge that holds the most weight using the least amount of lollipop sticks.

“It was really nice to see young children working together as a team in order to come up with a solution to a problem.”

Adeana Raper, Employment & Skills Manager, Henry Boot Construction Limited

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