2016 - June 2016

BIM Story – 4D Simulation of Rudding Park Spa Hotel, Concrete Frame – 23/06/16

BIMBIM Rudding Park Spa

The Project Team at Rudding Park Spa have used the structural model to create a 4D simulation of the concrete frame being constructed.  Senior Planner Sally Marland is now updating the simulation and using it in the weekly site meetings, with our sub-contractor Howard Civil Engineering to monitor progress and gain a better understanding of the complex formwork and pour sequences.

Using the software, the team can highlight what they will be working on any given day in the programme or examine detailed junctions to understand any buildability issues.

“The ability to highlight work areas on a day by day basis and look at the size and shape of each pour is an invaluable tool to aid in the management of the project.”

Gary Holmes, Senior Contracts Manager, Henry Boot Construction

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