2016 - December 2016

Mock interviews at Ecclesfield School 08/12/16

Ecclesfield School

Henry Boot Construction’s Employment and Skills Manager Adeana Raper recently helped students at Sheffield’s Ecclesfield School to practise their first interviews.

The event was held at the school on Thursday 24 November and took students through the process of applying for a fictitious employment role. Students completed application forms and were interviewed for roles by business partners from the local area, with feedback on their performance provided afterwards.

The school intends to use these events to identify which students can be offered further support in their search for employment after leaving school.

Ecclesfield School is a co-educational comprehensive school with academy status that teaches students aged 11-16.

Lesley Cassell, Careers Advisor at Ecclesfield School said, “I would like to thank Adeana for attending the Ecclesfield School Mock Interviews, and investing your valuable time in our Year 11 students.

By acting as an interviewer Adeana has made it possible for almost 300 young people to practise their interview skills in a supportive environment – all in just two mornings.

“By taking part in a mock interview, each student has had the opportunity to speak to someone who has been on both sides of the interview process. It has given them an opportunity to better prepare for an interview, and practice the appropriate way to answer given questions.

“The written feedback given by Adeana, which is now ready to be passed onto the relevant Form Teacher, will be used to encourage students to reflect on their performance, and to learn how to enhance the quality of their delivery, and key points to touch on, during an interview.

“The verbal feedback given enabled the students to hear loud and clear the value of qualifications and extra-curricular activities, but more importantly Adeana has really boosted their confidence; I have not seen many Year 11 students smiling in a long time!”

For more information, contact:

Karen Fisher, Business Development Manager