2015 - November 2015

Henry Boot support the Cutler’s Made in Sheffield Ambassadors Programme – 13/11/15

Made In Sheffield
Made In Sheffield

Henry Boot Construction has joined in partnership with Sheffield City Council, Sheffield Housing Company, Go Construct and Firvale School to offer a fantastic opportunity for young people to develop the skills, character and industry knowledge required for the world of work in the 21st century. Pioneered by the Cutlers’ Company, the Made in Sheffield Ambassador programme is already developing the future innovators and entrepreneurs who will contribute to a thriving UK economy in the years ahead.

Henry Boot Construction supported the badging ceremony in which all participating students took part in various after-school activities including constructing a giant tetrahedron out of wooden canes and elastic bands all taking on a role similar to a Project Manager, Site Manager, Quality Assurance and General Foremen on a live construction site.

The parents of the students were also invited to the evening in order to ask questions and get a real feel for the great opportunity their children are taking part in. The students were each presented with full PPE equipment ready for their up and coming site visits.

 “We see the Made in Sheffield programme as an excellent way of introducing young people into the world of work, to experience the varied careers that the Construction Industry can offer and provide them with information so that they can make informed decisions regarding their future career paths.”

Adeana Raper, Employment and Skills Manager, Henry Boot Construction

"It was great success and wonderful to see so many parents in attendance, parents also commenting on the fantastic opportunities for their children to learn new skills".

Claudia Whyte, Made in Sheffield Project Leader, Fir Vale School

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Steve Allen
Business Development Manager