2015 - May 2015

Manchester Office host Supply Chain Breakfast – 28/05/15

Supply Chain Breakfast
Supply Chain Breakfast
Supply Chain Breakfast

We recently held a very successful Supply Chain Breakfast Event at The Lowry Hotel in Manchester.  This was a great opportunity for us to meet and engage with local suppliers, some of whom have worked with Henry Boot Construction for many years and those who have yet to work with us. It was also a chance for us to rejuvenate our Manchester image and for contacts and suppliers to take the opportunity to meet other contactors from the local area. 

Dave Woodhouse, Neil Watson and Tony Lynch gave a presentation on the new direction of our Manchester operation and our drive to collaborate with our suppliers to win new business, in particular repeat business frameworks, giving new clients more confidence in our project delivery structure. 

The atmosphere was light and productive with quotes such as 'we've been to a few breakfast meetings but the format of this was much more useful and relevant than others, Henry Boot are a great company to work for so it’s good to get this opportunity'.

“Thank you for contacting us after the event, it was nice to meet the people behind the names and Termstall (Manchester) are looking forward to having the opportunity to work with you in our area.”

Diane Salt, Estimator, Termstall Ltd

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Steve Allen
Business Development Manager