2015 - July 2015

Henry Boot Construction Host Work Experience Students 24/07/15

Work Experience Students

Henry Boot Construction recently hosted several work experience students from Meadowhead School in Sheffield.

The students had the opportunity to get a taste for departments and job roles within the company. Being able to experience the different job roles within a working environment has given them the vital experience to think and plan their own educational and career possibilities within construction.

Feedback was great from the students, who enjoyed the variety of, and access to, our live projects and on-site staff. This gave them a real perspective on potential careers in the industry beyond the traditional ‘trades’.

“I would like to thank Henry Boot Construction for giving me the opportunity to carry out my work experience. I would like a career in construction and learning about all the different job roles within the construction industry has given me a better idea of what career path I would like to pursue.”

Max Fisher, Student, Meadowhead School

“This could have been the first chance to experience working life first hand for these students which can be a very daunting prospect. I hope from the opportunities we have offered, the students can now make some informed decisions about their future.”

Adeana Raper, Employment & Skills Manager, Henry Boot Construction

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Business Development Manager