2015 - January 2015

AMEY LG – Streets Ahead Sheffield – 30/01/15



It’s been two years since we commenced work as the preferred contractor for Amey LG as part of a 25 year Streets Ahead highway maintenance contract for Sheffield City Council.

The contract includes the upgrade and ongoing maintenance of 1,180 miles of road, 2,050 miles of pavement, 36,000 highway trees, 480 traffic signals, 68,000 street lights, 18,000 items of street furniture and 12,700 street name plates across the city.

Our first project for Amey involved the redevelopment of a testing laboratory and offices in Ecclesfield into welfare facilities and a new two-storey open plan office space and central hub for the delivery of the Streets Ahead Contract. We also constructed a 7000t capacity salt barn on the same site to help keep traffic flowing throughout the city in the wintertime.

Since then we’ve worked on over 80 structures, including highway bridges, subways and retaining walls. Ground stabilisation works have been completed on Manchester Road, works have been undertaken on and under the Sheffield Parkway strengthening the bridge that carries the Parkway over Woodbourne Road and we’ve delivered numerous schemes on the Porter Brook where significant environmental issues had to be considered.

We’re currently working on a scheme at Kelham Island to strengthen the Grade II listed Ball Street Bridge and we have completed the strengthening of Oughtibridge Bridge. We are also working on an interchange over the Parkway with works being undertaken solely on nights under road closures.

“We work closely with Amey LG and Amey Local Government and Consulting from concept stage of each allocated project and attend regular ECI meetings to discuss and advise on construction techniques and build ability. We also assist in preparing documentation for the local authority and environmental agencies to enable relevant notices to be submitted.

“The strengthening worksrun through to August 2017 and there are plenty more projects to be completed over the next three years. We look forward to continuing our excellent working relationship with Amey LG and to exceed their expectations moving forward.”

Tony Shaw, Director Henry Boot Construction

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