2015 - February 2015

NFB Reports HBC as BIM Ready – 20/02/15

NFB Exemplar
NFB Exemplar

A recent Summary Report by the NFB on their BIM early adoption Programme has shown Henry Boot Construction to be “BIM ready”. The Adoption Programme was designed to support industry in developing its capacity and capabilities to be BIM ready by 2016 and included the assistance of a NFB BIM advisor for 6 to 12 months to assess BIM maturity and assist in identifying actions and implementing a structured programme.

The NFB categorises companies as BIM ready when they display a strong awareness of BIM, its benefits amongst their staff, have developed detailed processes, procedures and have adopted the relevant technologies and tools to meet the requirements of BIM projects.

The Summary Report stated that Henry Boot Construction successfully had two of the main components of successful BIM adoption in place, senior management support and client drivers, with further work being undertaken to assess the capability of our design sub-contractors. The report also highlighted our mock tender exercise on a previously delivered project as a useful way to develop our internal processes. In addition the contract award of a BIM Level 2 project for HMP Humber for the Ministry of Justice has accelerated our adoptions of BIM workflows together with technology solutions.

“The support of the NFB through the Exemplar programme has allowed us to develop faster than most.  I concur with their verdict that we are BIM maturity level 2 ready."

Kevin Dight 
BIM Champion

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