2015 - February 2015

Henry Boot Construction supports Career Week – 20/02/15


Training Advisor Adeana Raper recently attended a career week at Bradway School, Sheffield. The event was designed to provide Year 6 students with information about jobs, careers and vocations and was attended by a range of different organisations and career vocations such as police officers, radio journalists, nurses, graphic designers and builders.

Bradway School supports Key Stage 1 & 2 students and has gained its’ Ofsted record of ‘Outstanding’ by providing an innovative approach; encouraging both children and adults to do things differently and take risks with their leaning. This is further boosted by hosting special events such as this career week to develop their students.

 “The message that came across loud and clear from speakers was that it is really important to do a job you enjoy, which ties in perfectly with our school motto – ‘Learning through enjoyment’ just what this week has been about.  Thank you to all who made this week so special.”

Mrs Heap and Miss Bryan
WOW Co-ordinators, Bradway Primary School

“We are really pleased to support the career week and keen to do anything we can to encourage young people. Hopefully the week will have encouraged students to consider a wider range of careers.”

Adeana Raper
Training Advisor, Henry Boot Construction

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Steve Allen
Business Development Manager