2015 - April 2015

Henry Boot Construction help local residents in Stocksbridge – 01/04/15

Stocksbridge Roadway

Henry Boot Construction’s Site Team at the Fox Valley redevelopment scheme have helped local residents by rebuilding a road with reclaimed road planings at Hunshelf Park, Stocksbridge.

The original road was a challenge to use by local residents due to the large number of pot holes and the poor condition of the road surface, with cars routinely being damaged, children not able to ride their bikes and limited access for a local resident who requires wheelchair access.

The Fox Valley Scheme is a £42m redevelopment of the former Outokumpu site in Stocksbridge town centre for Dransfield Properties. The 28 acre site will deliver:

  • Around 32 new retail units ranging from 635 to 16,000sq ft
  • Café and restaurant units
  • Office space ranging from 600 to 10,000 sq ft
  • New town centre car park for approximately 600 spaces
  • Comprehensive landscaping, water feature and new pedestrian links
  • A new housing development neighbouring the main retail scheme.

“What a superb effort, the new road is fantastic. It is a lot safer and user friendly and has given some of the local residents a new lease of life, Malcolm (wheelchair user is able to get out and use the road along with the kids using their bikes – very pleased with it.”

Local resident, Stocksbridge, Sheffield

For more information contact:

Steve Allen
Business Development Manager