2015 - April 2015

Henry Boot Construction complete their last property on St Leger Homes Framework – 10/04/15

Presentation at Mexboro

To celebrate the 9,952nd and final property renovated by Henry Boot Construction on the St Leger Homes Decency Framework, Simon Carr, Managing Director presented a floral bouquet to the resident.

Henry Boot Construction’s involvement in the  delivery of Doncaster’s decent homes programme has seen us deliver over £75m of investment work on a range of traditional and non-traditional constructed properties (owned by Doncaster Council) in the Doncaster area, with works including the upgrading of kitchens, bathrooms, heating and re-wiring to bring homes up to decent homes standard.

The scheme has continually been recognised by the industry at the National Considerate Constructors Scheme Awards.

In addition to the improvement works Henry Boot Construction have also supported the local Doncaster community further by:

“We have worked with Henry Boot over the last eight years to help transform a proportion of our properties on the Decent Homes programme. We are pleased that the work undertaken has resulted in wider community benefits and contributed towards increased job opportunities.”

Kevin Middlebrook, Contract and Compliance Service Manager, St Leger Homes

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