2015 - April 2015

Henry Boot Construction attend Youthbuild UK event – 01/04/15

Adeana Raper

Henry Boot Construction’s Training Advisor Adeana Raper was a guest speaker at the Youthbuild UK Building Pathways event in Leeds.

With the Construction Industry Training Board reporting that over 220,000 jobs will be created by the construction industry by 2019, a result will be that demand for workers will be high and a skills gap will emerge. Youthbuild UK is a registered charity that believes the skills gap in the construction industry is an opportunity for disengaged and disaffected young people to fill the construction industry skills gap.

 “A common theme prevailed that given an opportunity and with determination young people could succeed, whatever the barriers that faced them.
Your personal story epitomised this and it was great the hear how you were now helping and encouraging your people to enter the construction industry, both at Henry Boot and the other organisations you are involved with.
We hope that other organisations will have been inspired to follow your lead and help to create the workforce of the future.”

Adeana Raper, Training Advisor, Henry Boot Construction

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