2014 - June 2014

Henry Boot Construction visit Naylor Drainage Ltd – 12/06/14

Naylor Site Visit

As a responsible business, Henry Boot Construction believe the use of local suppliers and materials is a key element of our sustainability strategy and early involvement with our suppliers is essential as it helps to build quality and low cost into every project.

By working collaboratively with our supply chain and setting high standards, we help to reduce the environmental impact of our projects, improve local communities and ultimately deliver better quality services to our customers. We focus on using sustainable materials in an efficient way, buying from local suppliers whenever possible thereby making a positive impact through responsible sourcing.

A group of Henry Boot employees recently visited Naylor Drainage Ltd at Cawthorne who are the largest clay manufacturing sites in the UK. During the visit, the group was shown the production process of both clay and plastic drainage.

“A very impressive insight into the production of drainage, showing the time and skill involved to ensure that the strength and standards are achieved”.

Sam Hough, Buyer, Henry Boot Construction

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Business Development Manager