2013 - July 2013

Kinnell ECO Membership For H.B.C. – 19/07/13

Kinnell ECO

Following our accreditation as a Green Deal Installer and our focus on the Energy Companies Obligation (ECO), H.B.C. is now registered with the Kinnell ECO Guarantee Scheme.

OFGEM, the Government regulator for energy providers in the UK, is overseeing ECO and has established a set of rules governing the administration of ECO. These rules state that both cavity and solid wall insulation works with respect to ECO are subject to an appropriate guarantee.

The Kinnell ECO Guarantee represents an appropriate guarantee and H.B.C.’s membership of the scheme will ensure that any projects completed under ECO will have long-term financial assurance and a guarantee of quality for our clients.

For more information contact:

Steve Allen
Business Development Manager