2013 - January 2013

HBC Health and Safety figures improve 8th year in a row – 15/01/13

Accident Records 2008 to 2012

Henry Boot Construction’s company accident / incident record was released today, showing a year on year improvement for the last eight consecutive years.

The figures also shows an Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) of 0.20 reportable accidents per 100,000 hours worked in 2012, down from 0.31 in 2011.

The total number of reportable injury incidents was reduced by 60% in the last year, to only three incidents in the year for an average of 1002 employees, highlighting our strong health and safety culture, and a commitment by senior management to protect employees, subcontractors and members of the public affected by construction activities.

“Another year’s improvement in our accident statistics shows the commitment of Henry Boot Construction and all of our work force to improving health and safety standards in all of our business operations. This year we have exceeded all expectations and it is testament to our workforce that we can turn out such excellent scores.”

Simon Carr, Managing Director, Henry Boot Construction

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