2013 - December 2013

Sustainability all round – 06/12/13


12 months ago we launched our Sustainable Business Plan and we’re proud to announce that we have now developed the necessary procedures to fully integrate sustainability into all of our business operations.

There are three main areas of the plan, each with equal standing:

  • Responsible Business
  • Environment
  • People and Communities

Our efforts in all of these areas are now being recognised via growth in repeat business, turnover and profitability – we’ve made good progress this year and we will continue this into 2014.

At the same time we have further reduced our waste to landfill, minimised our energy use, reduced accident statistics and maintained a safe working environment across all of our sites. We have also upgraded this website to help spread the word and monitor our progress.

“Our sustainability credentials were underlined when we won the Constructing Excellence regional award for Leadership and People development for our work in training, equality and diversity. There are still improvements to be made but by working together we will continue to succeed in sustainability.”

Dave Woodhouse – Chief Surveyor, Henry Boot Construction

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