2012 - October 2012

New hydrotherapy suite for The Children’s Hospital – 29/10/12

Ryegate Hydrotherapy

Ryegate Hydrotherapy

Ryegate Hydrotherapy

Staff from HBC began works on the dismantling of the hydrotherapy suite at the Ryegate Children’s Centre recently, making way for a new £200,000 pool funded by supporters of The Children’s Hospital Charity.

The existing 50-year-old pool is used by The Children’s Hospital, Sheffield, to treat children with a range of disabilities, helping them to develop their skills, strengthen their bodies, or provide sensory treatment to improve their quality of life.

With its improved design, the new sunken pool will be easier to access, with modern lighting and an improved hoist system.

Henry Boot Construction and local developer Dransfield Properties Ltd are working in partnership to manage the project, contributing a considerable amount of time, money and expertise to the scheme.

HBC are donating management and labour costs as well as materials provided by their local supply chain, and Dransfield Properties Ltd raised £19,000 towards the works from a charity bike ride through Europe.

These generous contributions are valued at around £150,000 and add to the initial £50,000 raised for the project at The Children’s Hospital Charity’s Winter Ball in 2011.

A further charity bike ride is being held this year, with all donations going directly to support this project.

“We’re absolutely thrilled that Henry Boot and Dransfield Properties Ltd have come together to help us turn £50,000 into a £200,000 project through their contacts, goodwill and hard work. Replacing the pool means the amazingly dedicated staff at Ryegate will be able to provide an enhanced service to children and their families.”

David Vernon-Edwards, Director of The Children’s Hospital Charity