2012 - March 2012

Apprentice training for Doncaster Deaf College students – 06/03/12

Apprentice training

College For The Deaf Cert
Apprentice training

Henry Boot Construction is building links with Doncaster College for the Deaf by giving their apprentices the chance to gain real life experience working on site.

The students are faced with learning their trade alongside the challenges of operating in the busy site environment with their hearing impairment, and taking their studies out of the classroom is vital experience.

Our St Leger Homes of Doncaster site recently hosted 20 year-old Wuqaas Shah, from Bedford, who is undertaking an NVQ3 in Plastering at the College.

His two-week placement paired Wuqaas with experienced Henry Boot plasterer Alan Brown, who showed him all the tricks of the trade on a social housing refurbishment project in Stainforth, South Yorkshire.

Both Wuqaas and the site team thoroughly enjoyed the experience and HBC are working with Doncaster College for the Deaf to arrange further student placements in the coming months.

“I really enjoyed my experience on site – I was impressed with the way they made me feel so welcome and took the time to explain everything to me. It was good to get experience away from the College and I would love to work with Henry Boot in future.”

Wuqaas Shah, Trainee Plasterer

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