2012 - February 2012

Thermographic study proves energy improvements in Wath – 15/02/12



A thermographic study of the RMBC Tarran Bungalows project has shown just how much energy the residents are saving thanks to investment works carried out by Henry Boot Construction.

Photographs commissioned by HBC show that the Wath-upon-Dearne properties were losing a large amount of energy through the walls, prior to the application of an insulated render system last year.

The latest photographs, taken this January, show extremely low levels of heat loss in all 38 properties, meaning improved thermal comfort and significantly lower energy bills for the residents.

The project was well received by the local community, with large amounts of praise given to the site team for their minimal impact on the area.

Site Manager Jonathan Watkins was nominated for a national Considerate Constructors Scheme award after receiving an outstanding score of 37.5 from the Scheme’s monitor – the results will be known in March.

“The work that Henry Boot accomplished has added to my happiness and made my home so much warmer throughout the winter period.”

Mrs Forster, RMBC Resident

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