2012 - February 2012

Ground Source Heat Pump feasibility project – 01/02/12

Berneslai Homes

Henry Boot Construction’s Renewables Division has started works on a feasibility study for Berneslai Homes today, to establish whether Ground Source Heat Pumps are a viable option for their social housing stock.

The nine-week project will see HBCs newest division drilling boreholes at 5 sites to test the capacity of the ground to deliver renewable energy to 5 of Berneslai’s sheltered housing properties benefitting over 150 of there residents.

The scheme is due for completion at the end of March 2012.

“We look forward to delivering the scheme for Berneslai and bringing reduced energy costs and environmental impact to their residents, which can hopefully be rolled out further in the coming months.”

Gary Toomey, Regional Manager, Henry Boot Construction

For more information contact:

Steve Allen
Business Development Manager