2012 - December 2012

Solar sunflower helps spread the renewables message – 06/12/12


Henry Boot Construction has teamed up with colleagues at Tropo to educate primary school children about the benefits of renewable energy.

Cheryl Corkwell, science teacher at Henderson Avenue Primary School in Crosby, Scunthorpe, wanted a fun way to teach her pupils about the technology behind solar power.

HBC were working in the area installing external wall insulation on the North Lincolnshire Homes project so Cheryl approached the team to see if they could help the science department.

Working alongside our Renewables Divison, Tropo, we built and programmed a special garden sunflower to rotate when the sun was powering a solar panel, with a sensor that stopped the rotation when covered.

Once installed in the garden of the school, the sunflower clearly demonstrated the power of solar energy - the children had a great time playing with the installation and learning all about this particular source of renewable energy.

Working alongside schools and community groups, and spreading the benefits of renewable energy is part of our commitment to sustainability, as outlined in our recently launched ‘Sustainability Strategy 2012-2015’.

 “The sunflower project was cited in our Considerate Constructors Scheme report for the Crosby site. It helped us to achieve a top score of 5 in the ‘Good Neighbour’ section and contributed to our overall total of 37.5 out of 40 – an excellent result for everyone involved.”

Jon Watkins, Assistant Site Manager, Henry Boot Construction

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