2011 - May 2011

First LDK Photovoltaic panels for Dronfield Head Office – 20/05/11

Installing Solar Panels

HBC’s Renewables Division has completed its first project - providing Dronfield Head Office with a rooftop photovoltaic panel installation.

The scheme is the UK’s first ever solar install project by LDK, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of photovoltaic panels.

The thirty-eight LDK235 modules were fitted over a three-day period and will deliver up to an 8.93kW maximum output in optimum operating conditions.

An energy monitoring system is also being installed, which will link to a display in the main reception area so visitors and staff can see how much energy is being harvested.

In a full operational year, the panels should reduce HBC’s energy needs by 7927kWh, meaning a reduced carbon footprint for Head Office operations by some 4320kg of CO2. 

The installation is part of a strategy of energy reduction within the company estate, and a number of measures are being considered to help reduce HBCs carbon footprint.

For more information contact:

Steve Allen
Business Development Manager