2011 - July 2011

Spreading the safety message in Doncaster – 14/07/11

Plover School Artwork


Posters warning of the dangers of construction sites have brightened up a site compound in Doncaster, thanks to the works of children from the Plover School, Intake.

Considerate Constructor’s Scheme mascot Ivor Goodsite and HBC staff from the St Leger Decent Homes project visited the school recently because they are working on a window and door replacement scheme nearby.

The HBC team wanted to make sure the dangers of playing on or near construction sites were made clear to local children – through the visit with Ivor and the creation of the posters, the message comes through loud and clear.

“Getting local kids involved is really important to us – many of the 160 children who came to the assembly with Ivor live in the flats we are working on, so following up that visit with the poster competition reinforced the safety message – and they look great!”

Karen Fisher, Customer Relations Manager, Henry Boot Construction

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