2011 - January 2011

Wimpey No Fines Insulated Render Scheme – 14/01/11

Wimpey No Fines
Wimpey No Fines

Henry Boot Construction has just won a contract to provide external insulation works to seventy-seven Wimpey No Fines houses in Scunthorpe, for North Lincolnshire Homes – in addition to the £8m of works being carried out for them at present.

The homes will receive external insulated render treatment, meaning lower heating bills for the residents and ensuring the continued viability of the housing stock for the client.

The 22-week programme of works is due to start in April 2011 and will complete in September.

Henry Boot Construction has a wealth of experience in modernising inter-war properties, and has recently completed works to a number of BISF and Airey properties in the Yorkshire and Humber region – see Social Housing for further information.

For more information contact:

Steve Allen
Business Development Manager