2011 - January 2011

Carbon Footprint Reduced – 25/01/11

Carbon Footprint Assessment

Henry Boot Construction’s off-site operations produced 22.5% less carbon in 2009 than in 2008, showing a significant reduction in the company’s overall impact on the environment that year.

Measures are being taken throughout the company to record, analyse and reduce the carbon produced as a consequence of office and vehicular activities, and initiatives on site are also being undertaken to try and help reduce carbon footprints through sustainable design.

One example of this is the Code 5 Sustainable Homes pilot on the Shirecliffe New Homes site – Henry Boot Construction is working with the client and the design team to construct a house that is 100% energy efficient – lessons learned will be rolled out through future projects.

The carbon footprint calculation was carried out by ECUS Environmental Consultancy and was based on operations at the offices in Dronfield and Manchester, plus the company fleet of vehicles.

It showed that 1355t of carbon was produced through office activities in 2008, and only 1105t was produced in 2009.

Tonnes of carbon per pound of turnover was also calculated, and despite the downturn in construction activity caused by the impact of the recession, the net reduction in carbon produced was 2.32% overall.

Download the report here.

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