2011 - August 2011

Non-traditional ‘Energy Improvement’ scheme awarded – 12/08/11

 Energy Improvement

Henry Boot Construction’s Eastern Division has just secured their next scheme on the St Leger Homes of Doncaster framework, delivering upgrades to over 200 non-traditional properties in the town.

The Moorends ‘Energy Improvement Scheme’ will deliver structural repairs, insulated external render, windows, doors, heating and loft insulation, as well as a range of Decent Homes improvement works to inter-war properties on the Alexandra Road estate.

The REEMA and Spooner dwellings were only designed to last for a short time to cope with the housing shortage following World War 2, but many are still occupied to this day.

HBC has delivered a large number of schemes to upgrade these ‘non-traditional’ types of houses throughout the country, as well as undertaking around £13m of home improvement works in Doncaster during the last year.

“We are continuing to deliver a number of schemes for St Leger Homes of Doncaster and look forward to providing significant energy and environmental improvements for the tenants of Moorends.”

Gary Holmes, Senior Contracts Manager, Henry Boot Construction


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