2010 - July 2010

Shirecliffe Celebrates Design Award – 08/07/10

Shirecliffe Design Award

A Henry Boot social housing scheme hailed as ‘one of the country’s most important’, has been given a RIBA Housing Design Award, recognising a pioneering design and commitment to community development.

The project, delivering the first new council housing in Sheffield for over 20 years, focuses on integrating the striking new properties within the existing community, and changing the impression of the estate for minimal cost.

The 27 environmentally-friendly properties include photovoltaic roof panels and achieve the Code for Sustainable Homes Level 4 standard.

Both Henry Boot Construction and the Architect, Stephenson Bell, were chosen in a local competition involving Sheffield City Council and local residents. Intense consultation with special interest groups and people living on the estate helped build strong community inclusion throughout the scheme.

“The possibility that a pinpointed strategic investment will turn out to achieve quick results for a fraction of the price of a rolling area-wide regeneration programme is tantalising. With many councils - and the Treasury - watching, this project is one of the country’s most important.”

David Birkbeck, Chairman of Design for Homes

For more information, see our Social Housing project sheets.


Steve Allen
Business Development Manager

Housing Design Awards – www.hdawards.org