2010 - November 2010

Recycling help for Autism Plus – 02/11/10


A local charity helping autistic people towards living a normal life has praised Henry Boot Construction for their help at a residential unit in Doncaster.

The Autism Plus Centre in Thorne helps people with autism to adapt to living on their own and learn to cope with everyday activities, such as recycling.

A Henry Boot site team working on the St Leger Decent Homes project heard they were struggling for facilities and offered to step in and help. Works begin this week on a purpose built recycling area and bin stores for the centre.

“This might sound like a small thing but it will make a huge difference for the people that live there. By having a bin store for each bin, they will be able to go and put things in the recycling on their own – a small step for us but a huge step for them.”

Bridget Evans, Director, Autism Plus

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Steve Allen
Business Development Manager