News - April 2018

Think like an Engineer at St Catherine’s Primary School – 17/04/2018

STEM Experiment

During National Science Week, Lead Engineer Rob Cundill attended St Catherine's Catholic Primary School to help with their school project, Think Like an Engineer. The project aimed to show students the links between science and engineering subjects throughout the Spring term.

Rob worked with Year 3 students to reach their goal of designing the construction of a greenhouse, to provide a sustainable food source in the future. The project tackled various topics such as the biology of plant growth, sustainability, recycling, the environment and pollution, buildings and structures, and rain-water harvesting.

To help students understand the use of structures, Rob spoke about why buildings are constructed using different basic shapes such as triangles, squares and cylinders. He did an experiment with craft card, sellotape and textbooks to test the strength of the different shapes as columns. The students also used midget gems and cocktail sticks to create different structures and put them to the test by balancing a brick on them for thirty seconds.

“We loved it when Rob came in to do the shape strength experiment. It was so exciting especially when the circular columns held 84 books! The children have really benefitted from Rob’s visits and involvement, so many of them weren’t sure what an engineer was, but now I have a class full of aspiring engineers who want to carry on designing and move onto building things.”

Izzy Frost, Teacher, St Catherine's Catholic Primary School

“I really enjoyed the visit to St Catherine’s to help the year 3 students with their Think like an Engineer project. It was great to see the children's enthusiastic faces light up when I returned to the school, and hear all their noise and excitement from the column load test.”

Robert Cundill, Lead Engineer, Henry Boot Construction Limited

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